Mini Rebrand & Product Relaunch Update #4

A Message from the Founder, Aaliyah Bella Rose - 

In this Week 4 Rebrand Update, I'll be discussing some new changes for the website and our product prices. If you missed Week 3, click here

As of April 1, 2022, all Body Scrubs and Body Butters are offline until the new products launch, and if you've already seen this, you may have also noticed the prices on the main products have changed. The prices have been adjusted to a reasonable range that reflects the value of the products and my brand. 

The new Body Butters and Body Scrubs are now priced at $32 USD. The Skin Illuminator Bath, Body & Shave Oils are now priced at $20 USD. The Cream Body Washes are now priced at $22 USD. One of the main reasons for the larger increase for the Body Scrubs and Body Butters is due to the addition of naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Ceramides to their formulas - with the inclusion of these active ingredients, the price rises because of the increase in effectiveness they have at tackling your skin concerns. 

I purchase my custom products from my manufacturer by the gallon and since it's a relatively "small" amount, the price is higher per ounce compared to a larger amount being purchase (i.e. 10 gallons). Since my business is still relatively small, I have not been able to purchase and commit to a 10 gallon container of products (yet!).

In order to keep my products affordable and accessible in the beginning of this journey, I've kept my prices lower than what would actually contribute to the growth of my brand. Product pricing is relative to each brand and while I still want my products to be accessible in the range they are valued, I also need to accurately value my products and my brand so I can continue to provide the best possible service and skincare for you. 

There are several costs that go into pricing an individual product including (but not limited to): custom product formulation, purchasing the final products, containers and jars, shipping to customers, labor and supplies, and reasonable adjustments for profit. 

This past week I worked on updating different aspects of the website and fixing the product listing descriptions with one of my web developers. As you can see here, the current product listings have these new categories: "Details", "Tell Me More", "Sustainability", "How to Use", and "Ingredients". 

The "Details" tab further breaks down into "What It Is", "Made for You", and "Good to Know". These new subcategories explains the product features and benefits in a simple to understand format. "What It Is" is a short statement that describes the product in its most simplest form. "Made for You" describes the skin type and concerns that the product would best be suited for. "Good to Know" lists the product specs such as size of the jar, scent, and manufacturer location. 

Under the "Tell Me More" tab, "Tell Me More" sets the scene and provides more description so you're able to visualize yourself using the product. The "What to Expect" section lists information like skin type/concerns, scent notes, textures, and physical skin results/effects.

The "Sustainability" section lists how that product is sustainable and contributes to our overall brand mission, values and goals. Some of these factors include our use of plant - based, vegan ingredients; linking to our Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Certification; and linking to our One Tree Planted page. 

The "How to Use" tab includes detailed instructions on how to use the product. 

The "Ingredients" tab includes the key ingredients for the product and the full ingredients list with relevant disclaimers (i.e. nut allergies). 

Along with the changes made to the website, I also finished designing the product labels for all of the new products, edited them, and purchased them through my supplier. It'll take about 2 - 3 weeks to receive them in hand, so in the meantime, I plan on prepping and sanitizing the containers, filling them with product, working on email campaigns and related content for the social accounts. 

Once I have the labels on hand, I can label the products and immediately get them sent out to my photographers and models to start on their projects. This will be the official end of the "hard stuff" and mark the beginning of the "fun stuff" where I get to creatively direct them on them on these content projects, bringing my visions to life! 

We're about half way through with the process of the relaunch! If you've been following along up until this point - THANK YOU! Your support is truly appreciated and does not go unnoticed. 

All of these changes may seem insignificant once they're set up, like the changes to the site, or even creating the product labels. But these tasks have required me to spend hours upon hours in a day (most days it's 18+ hours) working, planning, creating, researching, communicating, and managing multiple projects and tasks at a time. While I've been prepping and executing for the relaunch, I've also been taking care of my son who's been having medical issues on and off the last 3 months, trying to balance this college semester, and also managing and still sending out orders for my other small business - all the while managing all of my social accounts & trying to stay engaged with everyone! 

I (vulnerably) mention this to let you in a bit more into behind the scenes since you are a loyal and supportive part of this community, and to shine light on what it's like to be a one - woman/momma show running a business. <3

These new changes to the products are amazing and really elevate the product's effectiveness and ability to tackle your skin concerns - but I will talk more about this next week, along with a sneak peek into BRAND NEW scents for spring/summer! 

Thank you so much for your patience and your support!

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