Mini Rebrand & Product Relaunch Update #3

A Message from the Founder, Aaliyah Bella Rose - 

In this Week 3 Rebrand Update, I'll be discussing our new packaging and an overview of the process moving forward. If you missed Week 2, click here

A week ago I approved the 8 oz. glass jar sample and promptly ordered about 250 glass jars that will be used for the body butter and body scrub products. If you missed the announcement about switching from 8 oz. plastic to 8 oz. glass jars, click here for more information. 

The next phase in this process involves recreating the jar labels for the body butter and body scrubs. Since these two products will include new ingredients, I have to recreate the labels so they reflect that information correctly. Unfortunately, for the past month I was dealing with an issue on my creative design platform that hindered me from being able to finish the labels in a timely manner (it seems like the business setbacks are never ending sometimes!). So, now that the issue is resolved, I can begin working on the labels, which I plan on finishing this week, but it takes about another 2 weeks to actually have them printed and mailed back to me. 

After the labels are made, the next phase is product and lifestyle photography. I work with talented models and photographers that help me create stunning visuals that are used across our website and socials. Once the products are sent by mail to our photographer, they will create different sets and scenes with the products and send the final images to me. The products will also get sent to our lovely models who will create lifestyle images that will be used to “set the scene/vibe” to help you see yourself using our products. 

You might be thinking that there are a lot of moving pieces, and maybe even wondering why it takes so long, and these are valid thoughts! Unlike similar small skincare brands who may create their own products and have a lot of control over the process, I work with third party companies/manufacturers/suppliers. 

When I started my business I decided not to make products out of my home, and instead, work with a skincare manufacturer to ensure all of the products were made in a sanitary, safe and professional environment that complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). GMP is a “system that consists of processes, procedures and documentation that ensures manufacturing products, such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical goods, are consistently produced and controlled according to set quality standards” (1). One of the reasons behind this was because I always had the plan to go retail and wanted to make sure I had the proper systems set in place. 

Another reason I chose the third party route is because my manufacturer has a trained staff of cosmetic chemists that have the knowledge and experience to create the products I want to make - that way I can ensure the products are produced with the best possible outcome for my customers. However, the downside of working with a third party is that turnaround times can be lengthy and prices are higher for the final product because there's more that goes into the formulation, the creation process, the labor and the shipping. 

The labels I use are made by a company in New York who have the capability to print them using special materials I don’t have access to (i.e. waterproof materials) for better quality labels. I could print out the labels at home and that could be a less costly and quicker method, but in my experience, the labels that came from my Inkjet printer weren’t good quality. 

While I do take photos and videos of my products, I like to work with and employ other talented women who dedicate their work to these skills. Having fresh, new content for my socials and website is an integral part of my business strategy, so it’s important for me to dedicate time and effort into this part of the process. 

So, as you can see, a lot of these tasks I could do myself, like physically making the body care products, creating my own labels, and even taking all of my own photos. But, as a busy business owner, mom, and college student, outsourcing the tasks and projects that are above my skill set or just make more sense collaborating with a reliable company allows me to focus more on growing my business and helping you reach your skin and lifestyle goals. 

My true passion is exactly that - empowering other women to live in their moment, and strive for true happiness in themselves and their lives. The other backend things I do as a "business owner" just ensure that the experience you have is top notch and aligns with your values and ours. 

The new Body Butter and Body Scrub will be relaunching around the end of April - but stay tuned for an exact launch date! 




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