Mini Rebrand & Product Relaunch Update #5

A Message from the Founder, Aaliyah Bella Rose - 

In this Week 5 Rebrand Update, I'll be discussing the tasks for the week and the new scent releases. If you missed Week 4, click here

Now that I have the products, product labels, and the jars on hand, I've started the process of sanitizing, prepping, and filling the jars with product. The first step is to sanitize the containers. In order to do this, I fill a clean tote with hot water, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, and Dawn Dish Soap and let the containers sit for half a day. After, I rinse each individual container and allow it to completely air dry for 1 - 3 days. Once this step is complete and it's time to fill, all jars are spritzed with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and allowed to air dry again - this is an extra step for maximum sanitation. The products will then be filled into their respective containers or jars and labeled with our new product labels, and stored on our shelves, ready for sale. This is technically the final step out of the entire weeks - long process, and it will feel amazing once its complete! 

Choosing scents for our products is a unique experience because I don't actually get to smell the fragrance combinations until I receive them in the mail. I choose from a list of different available scents and then based off my fragrance research, choose the scents that are aligned and are unique enough for my brand.

My goal with Bellavana Beauty is to always have unique, one - of - a - kind fragrances that you can't find anywhere else, especially in any retail stores being mass produced. The special scents emphasizes our handmade, small batch process, attention to detail, and desire to create an intimate experience for you with our products. When selecting the scents, most of the time I am combining fruity, floral, gourmand, or woodsy scents together to develop the final fragrance.

Since we are a growing brand and due to our process of choosing scents, we currently don't have a large variety to choose from, and that's partly because we want to keep our scents unique and on brand. However, our selection is expanding this spring and summer! For this April 30th restock/relaunch, our best selling Cherry Almond and Raspberry Mimosa will be returning along with two new scents: White Peach Jasmine and Bare Skin! 

While Bare Skin is our first unscented product line, our new White Peach Jasmine is the epitome of spring with scent notes of sweet peaches, white jasmine, mandarin, vanilla, and bergamot. I chose to include an unscented version of our best selling essential products (Cream Body Wash, Body Butter, Body Scrub, and Body Oil) for those who may be sensitive to scents (like I am), who may be pregnant/nursing, or for those who may have sensitive skin.

Here's an exclusive just for you - our summer collection will be dropping May 30th and includes two new scents: Mango Papaya and Violet Blossom! Mango Papaya is a blend of juicy mango, ripe papaya, sweet lemon, tangerine and sugarcane. Our special Violet Blossom scent is one like no other, with scent notes of sweet pineapple, plum blossom, nectarine and pink hibiscus. 

All of these new scents will be in our signature Dry Skin formula that is made specifically for those who need a boost of moisture and hydration to revive dry, dull skin. 

The Spring Collection launches on April 30, 2022!  

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