Mini Rebrand & Product Relaunch Update #2

A Message from the Founder, Aaliyah Bella Rose - 

In this Week 2 Rebrand Update, I'll be discussing our new packaging options and why we are making the switch to glass. If you missed Week 1, click here

Currently, I'm still sourcing glass jars to use for the new body butter and body scrub products. This has been a lengthy process that involves researching different suppliers and sampling the jars to make sure they're the right size and style. 

You might be wondering why we're switching the jars while also changing the formulas, and if it even matters. Protecting the environment and the health of our communities are priorities for my brand, so switching to glass packaging further aligns my brand with those initiatives. It's about walking the walk - not just talking the talk! Learn more about our sustainability mission here

There aren't too many differences between the physical plastic and glass packaging, rather, the differences lie in their overall impact to the environment and long term health of the planet and every living thing on it. Did you know that since the inception of plastic in the 1900's, only about 12% of ALL plastic packaging has ever been recycled? Plastic packaging is less likely to be recycled and it's harder to reuse effectively. The reason for this is because plastic degrades after each and every use, especially when introduced to heat, light, and other elements. Learn more about the plastic crisis here

Glass packaging, however, is 100% recyclable and can be reused more easily than plastic packaging. The downsides of using glass are that it's more prone to breakage and can be more expensive to purchase (as a business) and to transport. Given that, when properly recycled, glass can break down and be totally reused and reformed into new material - this is because glass is made from sand, limestone, and other natural resources, whereas plastic is made from fossil fuels and chemicals, which can harm the eco system if leached from its original source. Learn more about sustainable packaging in the beauty industry here

Our plastic jars have served us well in the last two years of business, however, as we continue to implement our sustainability strategy, moving forward with glass jars are the way we're headed. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • They're more reusable than plastic containers, so you can use them in and around your home
  • The new jars will contain more product so you have more to work with 
  • They fit our higher - end rebrand aesthetic
  • They're more sustainable than plastic and we're trying to keep our single use plastic to a minimum
  • They will protect the integrity of our new formulas that contain active ingredients


Our new Body Butter will include Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides, and our Body Scrub will now have Lactic Acid in its formula. These additions are being made after several months of testing and retesting to make sure we provide you with the best natural skincare for you! 

The new Body Butter and Body Scrub will be relaunching around the end of April - but stay tuned for an exact launch date! 

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