Why are some of the products "sold out"?

As of April 1, 2022, some of our best selling products are temporarily offline as we finish up the last few key tasks before we relaunch with new formulas. For more information about our relaunch and rebrand, click here


Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping on orders that are over $60. If your order does not meet the $60 requirement, then you will be required to pay the $5 flat rate shipping fee for your order. Click here for more information on the shipping policy. 


Can I return a product and can I receive a refund?

We do offer returns on purchases made within 7 days of physical delivery. The products must be sent back and dated within this time frame to be considered a valid return. At this time, we only offer store credit on valid returns. Click here for more information on our return and refund policy. 


Is your brand and are your products cruelty - free?

As of February 2022, we are officially a Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty - Free brand, and all of our products are 100% cruelty - free. Click here to view our certification on the official Leaping Bunny site. 


Are your products vegan?

All of our current product selections are formulated without animal - derived ingredients, and we do consciously make an effort to formulate our products to be vegan when possible to better fit your lifestyle. 


Are your products nut - free?

The majority of our products are NOT nut - free. Most of our products are oil or butter - based and may be derived from whole nuts or the kernels of nuts. Any product that uses ingredients that are nut - based will have a clear disclaimer under the full ingredient list section. Click here to learn more about our ingredients.


Are your products "natural"?

Bellavana Beauty uses many ingredients that are certified organic, naturally - derived, vegan, and plant - based. Our definition of "natural" is that the ingredient was not synthetically manufactured (or man made), but rather derived from the earth, and is in a raw or minimally processed state. We strive to use ingredients in their purest form without the addition of additives when possible. We do use a small variety of synthetic - type ingredients, such as some of our fragrances (1% phthalate - free) but we avoid other ingredients that are not "natural". Click here to learn more about our ingredients.


Where is Bellavana Beauty located?

Bellavana Beauty, LLC is located in Massachusetts, USA. All of our products ship from Massachusetts, USA.


Are your products "preservative free"?

Some of our products do not contain preservatives since they are in a natural state and do not contain water. The natural preservatives (i.e. sorbic acid) that we do use are skin and body safe, and still follow our ingredient formulation standards and guidelines. Click here to learn more about our ingredients.


What kinds of colorants do you use?

We use naturally - derived ingredients to color our products. For instance, our Cherry Almond Body Butter gets its pink color simply from the Bing Cherry Juice and Cherry Extract that is used. Click here to learn more about our ingredients.


Why is clean beauty important to you?

There are too many products on the market that contain unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients. Bellavana Beauty aims to become the solution to this by providing products that are simple, clean, and natural without compromising quality, experience, and effectiveness. The USA does not monitor or regulate ingredients in products like other countries (i.e. the EU), and because of this, many products are able to stay on shelves at cheap prices, but the potential for harm over time to overall health, and to your skin's natural barrier is too great of a risk to take. We take many extra steps to ensure your skin and body are safe, down to every single ingredient that is in our products. While we may avoid and cut out certain ingredients, we can assure you that our products contain the highest performing and most natural ingredients. Click here to learn more about our clean beauty mission.


Are your products safe for women who are pregnant or nursing?

All of our product ingredients are found easily under the product information on our website. Please consult with a doctor or physician before using any of our products if you have additional questions regarding our products or ingredients.