Summer Collection Update #1: Mango Papaya & Violet Blossom Scents

A Message from the Founder, Aaliyah Bella Rose - 

For this first Summer Launch Update, I'll be discussing the new scents that are launching on May 30!

This launch is a special one since we are expanding our collection and it features two completely new scents! I've had many requests to create sweet, fruity scents, so the new Mango Papaya and Violet Blossom scents are the perfect addition to the full line. 

The process of choosing scents has been about a 9 month long process; believe it or not, I initially chose the Mango Papaya and Violet Blossoms scents last summer and have been waiting this long to share them with everyone! Since I work with a manufacturer in a different state who physically makes the products, I don't have direct access to the scents available, so I have to order samples to make sure it's appropriate for my brand.

The first step I take to choose scents is researching scent notes and combinations that go well together. I then order sample body oils with the scents so I get a full bodied impression of what the scent will be. I've gone through many, many sample scents over the last year to make sure my brand has only the most unique and best smelling body care products possible! The last step is to purchase the products in my custom base formula and prepare them for launch!

I knew from the first moment I sampled Mango Papaya and Violet Blossom that they were definitely going to be a new addition to the brand, but I had to wait until the summer to release them, and for our new custom formulas to be completed. 

We just relaunched and restocked the original Cherry Almond and Raspberry Mimosa products, as well as released the spring collection that featured the Bare Skin and White Peach Jasmine products. In keeping with our sustainability mission, I am very selective over the products that are launched and released, trying to keep it to a minimum, but that doesn't mean you can't expect new product releases in the future! 


The Summer Collection launches on May 30, 2022!  

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