How to Prevent Dry Skin with a Cream-Based Body Wash

If you walk into the body care aisle at Target or browse through online marketplaces like Sephora, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the number of options. Do I want a gel body wash? Something to treat acne? Hmm, a foaming body wash could be fun. When you have this many options, it’s hard to know what products will actually work for your skin.

But if one thing is for sure, all skin types – especially dry skin – can benefit from a nourishing, non-stripping cream body wash. Here’s why.

Why Cream-Based?

Opting for a cream-based body wash might feel novel if you’re used to reaching for gel formulas. But there’s a reason why dermatologists are constantly recommending cream cleansers for the face and body.

Traditional gel and foaming cleansers tend to be heavy on surfactants and detergents, the ingredients that cleanse the skin’s surface and create a sudsy lather. While that sounds great at first glance, many of these ingredients are too harsh and drying, stripping away your skin’s natural protective oils along with dirt and grime. And while these body cleansers may be infused with conditioning ingredients like vitamin E or other synthetic moisturizers, the restorative properties of these ingredients are often canceled out by the drying effects of the surfactants. So instead of feeling fresh and soft after a shower, your skin feels tight and instantly dry.

Cream cleansers are a more gentle, conditioning option for cleansing. They still get your skin clean (though they are less sudsy) but focus on soothing and moisturizing the skin with ingredients like plant-based butters and oils, ceramides, glycerin, vitamin E, and aloe vera. The creamy formula is gentle enough for daily use and ideal for sensitive, dry skin types or those who want to bring their dull, stressed skin back to life.

Inside Our Cream Body Wash

Created to transform your cleansing routine, our Cream Body Washes naturally cleanse and protect your skin’s moisture barrier through plant-powered ingredients and its ultra-unique formulation.

Shea butter acts as the base of the body wash, reducing redness and improving the look of blemishes and fine lines while going deep into the skin to nourish. Organic aloe vera is there to calm inflammation, hydrate dehydrated skin, and protect skin with its army of antioxidants. The bulk of the formula contains plant oils and butters - like rice bran oil and jojoba oil – which support skin hydration levels with antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids.

For ultra-sensitive skin, go with Bare Skin, our unscented Cream Body Wash. But if you love a sensorial shower experience, you can’t go wrong with any of our naturally derived, non-toxic scents.

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