3 Steps to Achieve Naturally Full, Plump Lips


Are you wanting to know how to naturally plump your lips without having to get expensive lip fillers or falsely marketed lip products? Are your lips dry, chapped, and peeling, and you're looking for a simple solution?

We laid out our 3 top tips to achieve naturally full, plump lips!

#1 Hydrate 

Whether summer or winter, you need to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Sorry, coffee and lattes won't cut it! When you're dehydrated, your lips may be prone to dryness which could lead to dry, chapped lips. Staying properly hydrated will increase the elasticity in your skin and flush toxins from your body, clearing your skin and improving your complexion. As a result, the skin on your lips will also appear healthy and plump.


#2 Exfoliate 

Exfoliating your lips can create a smooth foundation before applying any lip products which can make them appear fuller and healthier. The active movement stimulates blood flow to the lips and improves circulation which will make your lips feel and appear plump.

Only use lip exfoliants with edible ingredients, since the product is being used and moved around your mouth, you definitely don't want chemicals being ingested. Our Vegan Lip Scrubs are 100% vegan with natural, edible, and lip - safe ingredients. They are made with minimally abrasive finely grained cane sugar and edible Shea Butter that will leave your lips smooth. Always follow up with a lip treatment that will seal in moisture.


#3 Moisturize 

Use a moisturizing lip treatment for dry, chapped lips that has ingredients that are both emollients (fills in and smooths the surface layer of skin) and occlusive (forms a protective barrier over the top layer of skin to seal in water). Examples of emollients are Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, and Argan Oil. An example of an occlusive is Shea Butter. 

To keep your lips healthy, you should use a daily lip treatment because regular lip stick and lip gloss are used more for aesthetics, and the ingredient formulation is typically just a bunch of chemicals and colorants, with maybe one or two oils. 

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