5 Ways to Practice Self - Care at Home


The most important way to be successful and productive is to make sure you're taking care of YOU. Here are our 5 Ways to Practice Self - Care at Home:

1. Spa Day

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the same benefits you would receive at the spa. Relax at home with a bubble bath or full spa cleanse. Grab a bottle of our Bottoms Up! Wine Bubble Bath and melt your worries away with our Whipped Body Butter


2. Journal 

Writing can be very therapeutic. Journal your thoughts and emotions to have a better sense of your reality and gain introspection on your situation. It can help you set goals, keep your thoughts organized, and reduce anxiety. 


3. Meditate

Dedicate a few moments in your day to meditate and focus completely on positive thinking, self - affirmations, and setting goals. Meditation can increase your patience, self - awareness, and creativity while reducing stress.


4. Do What You Love

Balance work and life stresses with time spent doing something that you're passionate about. This will help to ground yourself and bring you a sense of control, security, and purpose. 


5. Active Movement

Perform any form of active movement you enjoy (i.e. yoga, weight training, cardio, dance) to release stress, improve your body systems, and clear your mind. 

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