Skincare Trends to Start in 2022 (and Those to Leave in 2021)

Happy 2022! It’s a new year and with the start of a new calendar, it’s a great time to check in with your routines. It’s also the perfect opportunity to troubleshoot what isn’t working and freshen things up with new best practices.
Some exciting news is that there’s a lot going on in the world of skincare this year, both here at Bellavana and beyond. So to help you understand some of the latest methods and tips, here’s a look at some trends we’re loving, plus a few things we think you’ll want to leave behind.

Skin & Beauty Trends to Start in 2022:
#1: More Intentional Beauty

If pandemic life has taught us anything, it’s to focus more on what’s important and this is even showing up in skincare. Skincare essentialism and minimalism are perfect examples of this, with more brands advocating for simple, pared down routines as well as products that multitask.

This year don’t be afraid to embrace the idea that less is more when putting together your daily rituals. Taking time to simply cleanse, moisturize and love on your skin can be perfectly pampering and beneficial. You might also love trends like “Osaji” which is a Japanese practice of cleansing meditatively, to reset both your skin and your mindset.

  • Product Tip: For skincare minimalism we love our Skin Illuminator Body Oils, which can be used as both a shave oil and a skin-nourishing glow tonic, all in one.

#2: More Inclusivity

Something we love to see on social media and from beauty brands is more real life representation. From images that portray all genders and ethnicities, to depicting real skin - with all of its stretch marks, acne, body hair and texture - it’s exciting that advertising is finally embracing diversity and all those perfect imperfections.

That said, a little scrutiny may be required here. Since some companies use these images primarily to promote themselves, it’s important to take a closer look at the overall brand ethos and standards. If their hiring practices and community outreach don’t actually reflect the picture that’s presented, it’s just another marketing tactic and not indicative of real progress.

#3: Better Clean and Green Beauty

Once considered the standard for the best in skincare, the idea of clean beauty has become diluted or distorted in recent years, as more big brands have jumped on the bandwagon and taken advantage of green-washing to promote their products.

However this year, brands like Bellavana Beauty are leading by example and bringing clean beauty back to its roots, providing more transparency and calling for more accountability. Also be on the lookout for new cleaner, greener innovations, including reusable packaging, more plant-based alternatives to traditional formulas, and more sustainable options like waterless skincare.

#4: More Targeted Formulas and Active Ingredients

Savvy consumers have had enough of wasting their money on filler ingredients and brands that don’t deliver on their promises. This year expect to see more products that are designed to really zero in on specific concerns - such as dryness, redness, dark spots and more - and contain more concentrated ingredients for achieving all of your skin goals.

  • Product Tip: We will be leading the way on this one with some new product launches in 2022, so be sure to stay tuned!

#5: More Nourishing Holistic Skincare

Something else to be excited about this year is the shift to a more well-rounded approach. Beauty lovers are moving away from abrasive products that strip the skin and opting instead to hydrate, moisturize, promote barrier repair and protect the skin with SPF year round. These are practices that just about all skin types can benefit from and are sure to get you great results.

Holistic skincare is also on the rise, with more people recognizing that beautiful skin is more the result of a healthy lifestyle - including a balanced diet, fitness, rest and relaxation - and less about the latest and greatest treatments. This is a huge step in the right direction and we are here for it!

  • Product Tip: For a gentle product you can use daily to support happy, healthy skin, check out our Makeup Melt Cleansing Oil. It acts as a cleanser and makeup remover but also moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling baby soft and balanced.

Skin & Beauty Trends To Ditch in 2022:

#1: Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Photoshop and beauty filters are out. Finally, more brands are coming around to the idea that consumers want to see themselves reflected in advertising. Unrealistic images are bad for your body image, your self confidence and your spirit. So feel free to unfollow any companies that are still pushing an overly curated facade on social media. At Bellavana, this has always been our standard and we hope you’ll join us by showing up as your beautiful, authentic self this year.

#2: Not Embracing Aging

Speaking of unhealthy beauty ideals, we’re ready to let go of an anti-aging mentality and the obsession with looking youthful at all costs. In truth, aging is natural, inevitable and it’s a gift to get older! So with that in mind, we prefer the idea of ageless beauty. We’re a brand that appreciates the wisdom of your years - including the wrinkles and grey hair.

#3: Overly Complicated Skincare Routines
No more ten or twenty step routines! It’s a myth that you need to layer every product under the sun to get results. In truth, these kinds of extreme routines are unnecessary and can even cause damage to your skin if you aren’t using the right products or are mixing too many ingredients. Instead, think about cutting back to just the essentials. A few daily products and the occasional facial treatment (either at home or at a professional spa) should be all you need to support skin health year round.

#4: Quick Fixes and DIY
When your skin is struggling it can be super tempting to try one of those Pinterest mask recipes made from lemons, yogurt and who even knows what else. However, these are actually some of the worst things you can do to your complexion. Applying ingredients not intended for your skin can cause acne, irritation or even major damage. For 2022, let’s all resolve to only use products that are specifically formulated for skincare and lab tested for safety.

#5: Overly Aggressive Exfoliation

At Bellavana, we’re big believers in the benefits of exfoliating. Regular exfoliation is key to removing dead skin, unwanted debris and keeping the skin polished. Unfortunately, many people are still overdoing it. Abrasive exfoliation using rough cleansing brushes or worse, a microdermabrasion gadget from Amazon, can be way too much for your face and can also contribute to acne if these tools aren’t properly disinfected.

Instead, we recommend just gentle daily cleansing with your hands and a soft cloth or sponge. You can also add in the occasional chemical exfoliant or professional treatment for a deeper exfoliation, that won’t damage your skin.

  • Product Tip: If you love to scrub, the skin of your body is a bit tougher than the skin of your face and can benefit from exfoliating a handful of times per week. For this we love our Bellavana Body Scrubs, which use natural ingredients like sugar and sea salt to provide the perfect amount of exfoliation.

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