8 Skincare Hacks You Need to Transform Your Skin

Are You Struggling with Skincare Info Overload?

With all of the advertisements and gurus claiming to know the best - kept secrets to all of your skincare woes, you may feel a little (or a lot) overwhelmed. We're here to let you know the best place to start when anxiety ramps up is going back to the basics. Gaining control over your environment is key in combating feelings of anxiety, and we have the 8 simple hacks you can start today to transform your skin and your life.

8 Skincare Hacks To Start Today

1) Switch Pillow Cases 

Your pillowcase could be the culprit for some of your breakouts. Pillows can be the breeding ground for dead skin cells, bacteria, fungi, and sweat. It's important to switch out your pillowcase every 3 - 4 days to wake up on the safe side. 

2) Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is a K - beauty trend that is actually one that we can get on board with. Some products used during the day may be water - soluble, while others are oil - soluble, so this ensures that every bit of leftover products, dirt, and bacteria is cleansed from your skin before bed.

Opt out of using makeup remover wipes and pre - made cleansing pads, and switch to a cleansing oil, like our Makeup Melt Cleansing Oil, to remove makeup and SPF. Then, use a gentle face cleanser, like our Clarifying Gel Cleanser, to cleanse and refresh your skin. 

3) Mix a Face Oil with Moisturizers / Face Masks 

You can mix a face oil, like our Ever Glow Bakuchiol Face Oil, into your face mask or moisturizer to add an extra layer of protection and nutrient boost. When mixing into a face mask, this will allow the skin to absorb the nutrients and vitamins from the oil and you're left with healthy, vibrant skin. If you struggle with extremely dry skin, try adding 1 - 2 drops of a face oil into your moisturizer for dewy, radiant skin. 

4) Focus on Your Night Routine

If you're so busy you don't have time for a 3, 5, or 7 - step routine twice a day, don't fret - focus your effort into a night routine! Daytime skincare products are meant to protect your skin since it's exposed to dirt, pollutants and UV rays, while products used at nighttime can assist your skin in regeneration and repair. Obviously, at least wash your face, brush your teeth, and apply SPF in the morning, though!

5) Try a Lip Scrub 

Use a lip scrub to achieve the smoothest lips of your life! For the best effects, use a lip scrub that is made with finely grained naturally degrading particles (like sugar), natural colors and flavors, and is blended into a base of butters and oils. If the particles are too large it could damage the thin skin on your lips. Since lip scrubs are used around your mouth and have the potential to be ingested, using a lip scrub with naturally - derived flavors and colors eliminates the risk of ingesting toxic chemicals. Butters and oils are important in any exfoliant to deliver nutrients that smooth and heal skin, but also reduce the abrasiveness of the exfoliator. For a deeper dive into this topic, read 3 Steps To Naturally Plump Your Lips

6) Clean Your Phone 

Our phones are magnets for dirt, oil, bacteria, and other debris, and as we saw with the pillowcase, putting anything to our face that houses germs can result in unsolicited breakouts. It's important to disinfect your phone frequently, or use headphones when talking to avoid having the phone to your cheek. Read more about what to do in our article on How a Dirty Phone Affects Your Skin.

7) Don't Forget Your Neck 

Seemingly the lost part of everyone's skincare routine, the décolletage (or neck for short) is an important area that often gets overlooked. The neck should be treated as an extension of your face, as many women can experience wrinkling and even breakouts in this area. Simply work any of your skincare products down onto your neck the next time you do your routine. 

8) Use Body Butter on Damp Skin 

Most body butters are made with natural plant butters and oils and when combined together, create a product that can seal in moisture to the skin. It works best if the skin is damp because unlike humectant products that draw in moisture from the surrounding areas or product themselves, occlusive products (like body butters) only work well if the area already contains water.  

There are so many more skin hacks you can try to transform your skin, but these 8 will definitely get you started! 

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