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With our partnership with Eco Cart, we have the opportunity to give our customers the option to carbon offset your order. 

Carbon neutral generally means “any co2 released into the atmosphere from the activities of a business is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed.” Bellavana Beauty is a clean beauty brand - meaning through our products we are striving to create and maintain a sustainable future that goes beyond beauty. So, offsetting our carbon emissions from the transport and shipping of orders is one of our current initiatives.

Allowing our customers to choose if they’d like to offset their order allows them a chance to participate & make a conscious effort towards doing good for the planet.

The project we are currently supporting is a clean water project in Columbia - so any proceeds the customer makes towards the offsetting of the order (which can range from a few cents to around $4 depending on the products chosen which account for the box size, packaging, weight & shipping rate needed) go straight to EcoCart who then disseminate the funds to the project.

While we are still an emerging brand, having a third party like EcoCart allows for the legal sides of things to be covered- and that way our customers can feel comfortable that we (Bellavana Beauty) are not just taking the money and calling it “carbon offsets”.

The option to offset the order can be toggled on and off on the cart page, and it will show up on the checkout and order confirmation.

EcoCarts website:

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