Why You Should Never Pop Your Pimples

Why You Should Never Pop Your Pimples

You wake up and that little red bump you fell asleep with is now a juicy pimple. What do you do? If you answered “Pop it”, keep reading to find out why that is not a good idea. Did you know, popping your pimples puts you at extreme risk for deeper infections and irritated skin? But don't worry, there are a few techniques you can do at home instead of squishing that tempting pustule.

So What Are The Risks? 

When you are not trained to extract pimples, the automatic response is to go in with super hard pressure and to keep pressing until you give up or you “think” you got it all. The truth is when we pop pimples ourselves, the pimple actually pops underneath the surface of the skin, rather than above. Have you ever pressed on a pimple and sworn you felt a release but you see no puss? This is what happens when a pimple does not have a clear passage to drain from and instead, pops under the skin leading to an even worse result. Or, if you do burst the skin and get some puss out, now you are left with a nasty scar. At home, popping is one of the leading causes of scarring from breakouts. So please, no more at - home popping (speaking for your skin)!

How Do Professionals Do It?

A lot more goes behind “pimple-popping” than you may think. The proper word for this action is “extractions” which you may have heard before if you've had a facial. Extractions are essentially the service of removing (extracting) black/whiteheads and any ready pustules from the skin. After a proper cleanse and possible exfoliation, this service is commonly started by steaming the face to open and relax the pores so pus and sebum lift out of the pores much easier. Skincare professionals often use a lancet to superficially poke the skin, giving the puss a clear passage to be drained from. Brilliant! This is one of the key ways to prevent further scarring from pimples. 

Who Exactly Should I See For This?

A professional in the field like a skincare specialist, medical esthetician, or dermatologist are people you can trust to give extractions. With that being said, do your research and remember to always read reviews. 

Is There Anything I Can Do At Home?

There is always something you can do at home to relieve a breakout without popping it. The first thing you should try if you have a pussy pimple is a hot compress. The same idea of why professionals steam the face, a hot compress can help relax the skin and expel the trapped bacteria. To do this, get a washcloth with hot water and gently hold it over the breakout. Repeat this 2 or 3 times, and the pimple may naturally release. 

Now, if you just have a raised red bump, the opposite should be done. Ice it! This will bring down redness and inflammation, possibly stopping the breakout in its tracks. The last thing to do is apply a spot treatment to ensure you kill the bacteria. 

Dealing with breakouts at home can be testing when all you want is to do is pop that pimple, but instead, you have to do the opposite and wait. We get it, but we also hope you know now why this is not the best thing for your skin. Stay strong, we believe in you!

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