Going Above & Beyond Sustainability Report, 2021

More Than A Beauty Brand

Bellavana Beauty is more than a beauty brand. Our mission goes beyond providing skincare products to our community - we exist to make a positive and tangible impact in the world. 


Going Above & Beyond Report, 2021

What is the "Going Above & Beyond Report"? In our efforts to be transparent and continue to share our mission, we created this annual report to highlight significant events and projects that we took part in through the year that aligned with our core values of Individual Health, Environmental Sustainability, and Global Unity. 


Fighting Against Climate Change

This year we donated a total of 415 trees across the globe in our continued partnership with Vermont - based non - profit, One Tree Planted! Some of the locations include: India, Denmark, Mexico, Haiti, and Vietnam. Our goal for 2022 is to reach 1000 trees planted! Planting trees has many benefits including improving air and water quality, rebuilding habitats for biodiversity, improving health amongst the populations, decreasing the effects of climate change, and positively impacting communities around the world. This is an especially meaningful project to our founder, Aaliyah Bella Rose, as she's always had a love for nature and knew she wanted to aid in the fight against deforestation and climate change.

This project aligned with our Environmental Sustainability mission. Learn more about our partnership with One Tree Planted here

Learn more about climate change here: 


Holiday Donations

This was our first year doing a holiday donation, and we chose to work with our local women & children's shelter, St. Mary's Center located in Boston, MA. This center is a multi - service organization with a focus on empowering women and families to achieve emotional stability and economic independence through education, workforce development, and permanent housing. As a survivor of homelessness and  domestic / sexual abuse herself, our founder, Aaliyah Bella Rose, felt especially connected to this project.

We donated over $1000 worth of products in the form of both custom gift sets and individual products for the women and families of this shelter to enjoy on the Christmas Holiday. 

This project aligned with our Global Unity and Individual Health missions. 


Carbon Footprint

Since we initially started offsetting our carbon footprint in August with the help of our website extension, Eco Cart, we've been able to offset a total of 1, 125 lbs. of carbon. We committed to donate proceeds to the Cambodia Water Purification program through Eco Cart, and our efforts brought the equivalent of 303 days of clean water provided to a Cambodian Family. Our founder believes that every person should have access to the basic necessities of living in this world, and clean water is one of them.

This project aligned with our Environmental Sustainability mission. Learn more about our sustainability mission here


Empowering Women 

This year we've worked with many talented women on various aspects of our brand, from modeling, copywriting, and photography, and have completed 75+ successful projects. As a woman - owned brand, we strive to give back to our community by supporting other female - led small businesses. Even as we grow, we will continue to work and collaborate especially close with women on various aspects of our brand, and grow together as a team.

This project aligned with our Global Unity mission. Learn more about this part of our mission here


End of Year Recap

We are so thankful to have you in our supportive community and we are grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate the start of new year with you! 

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